Location Mark

These books are separated from the general collection. This is a call number assigned according to the type and physical form of the material, indicating the location of the material's collection. It is available at the top and organized according to classification of (from call number).
  • Call number : D01R.37026문16 → Call number for each department 'D01' → Department of Korean language and literature
  • Call number : R55P620.5서67ㅅ → Call number for research center 'R55' → Sensor Technology Research Center

Location mark for regular/Non-book material

Location Mark

Central Library call number
Call number Material type Location
P Serials 3F Serial room
R Reference materials 2F ~ 4F
Master's Thesis service 3F Thesis room
Doctorate Thesis service 3F Thesis room
Antique book 5F Old & Rare Book Room

Non-book call number (Location: Central Library)

Central Library call number
Call number Material type Call number Material type
BR Braille resource GT Transparency
CD Computer disk MF Microfilm
GC Chart resource MI Microfish
GF Flashcard RR Physical item
GL Leaflet SA Sound cassette
GC Poster card SD Sound disc
GL Leaflet VA Video cassette
GS Slide VD Video disc