Off-Campus Access

This service allows users to access electronic materials provided by the library off-campus in the same way as accessing them on-campus.

Information on off-campus services

  • Access to electronic data upon logging in to the website (no downloading and setup required)
  • Connection environment : All IOS(Windows, Mac, etc.) and browser(Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome etc.)

User instructions of off-campus services

  • 01

    Library Hompage

  • 02


  • 03

    Access to electronic data website

When using electronic data through bookmarks or direct input of URLs

  • Log in to the library website, then add “” in front of the URL address.
  • ex : [bookmarks or URL direct input of URLs] address(
Google Scala user instructions
  • When using Google Scholar off-campus, you must set the environment separately.
  • Web DB inquiry : 053-950-4624 , e-mail :
  • Inquiries regarding login problems and errors related to off-campus access : 중앙도서관 1층 전산지원팀 (053-950-4654)