Submitting a Dissertation

  • This guideline outlines instructions to follow when submitting a dissertation file (original file) for students who are expected to graduate from our university.
  • Applicants who are expected to graduate with a master's or doctoral degree must submit his/her original thesis through the dCollection program upon completing the peer review process.

Guidelines to submitting a dissertation (original copy)

Submitting order

1 Submit the original file to dCollection

  • Submitter information

  • meta information

  • Copyrights agreement

  • Registration of the original copy

  • Submitter information: Consent to the collection and use of personal information, and the consignment of handling your personal information. Then, specify your contact information
  • Meta information: Enter meta information of your dissertation to submit (dissertation title, abstract, keywords, etc.)
  • Copyright Agreement: Enter information for the copyright license (CCL) of the dissertation you are submitting.
  • Original text registration: Upload the original file, set bookmarks, and register additional materials (if any)
  • Submission Confirmation: Confirm the entered information

2 Receipt complete

3 Verification

  • Upon verification, you can print the “Copyrights Agreement” and "Confirmation of Submission” from [Submission Details]
  • If correction is required, please contact the person in charge (submission will be declined and returned)

4 Submission complete

  • Submit application for pending submission of dissertation
    • Submit to your affiliated department (division) before submitting the dissertation for review
  • Submission of dissertation for review
    • Submit your dissertation for review to your affiliated department (division): Dissertation (three copies for master’s degree, five copies for doctoral degree), Letter of research ethics compliance (one copy), faculty supervisor recommendation letter (one copy)
  • Submission of completed dissertation
    • Submission of completed thesis file (dCollection): Submit the completed dissertation file before binding your completed dissertation into a booklet
    • Submission of a printed copy of the completed dissertation: Upon submitting the completed dissertation file, only the dissertation that has been approved for completion shall be bound. The approval form on the inside cover of the dissertation shall be signed or sealed by all judges. Copies of the dissertation (three for master’s degree, three for doctoral degree) shall be submitted within the announced period (curriculum - submission of completed dissertation)
  • Dissertation template
  • Submission of dissertation on dCollection and printed materials: 053-950-4713 (Central Library 3F Thesis Room)
  • Matters related to writing a dissertation: 053-950-2895 (Graduate School Policy Office)