The library has been making various efforts to bring in book donations and attract development funds to help expand its academic collection and facilities.
We are doing our best to support research and learning activities of the university by securing various types of materials such as antique books, regional materials, and major and liberal arts books donated by faculty, staff, alumni, students, institutions, and the general public.

Types of donatable materials

  • Antique books, regional materials (including budget books, long-term and short-term development plans, parliamentary materials), books, periodicals (including newspaper materials), reference materials (including albums and map materials), pamphlets, all university-related materials (event materials, photos), including real materials), audiovisual materials

Handling of donated materials

  • Donated materials are registered as collections in accordance with the Kyungpook National University Library Donated Materials Management and Operation Guidelines. Materials not registered as collections in the library may be re-donated or transferred to other institutions.

Benefits for donors

  • Donor's name marked on the donated materials
  • If a donor donates more than 100 valuable or antique books, or 1,000 or more for general books, the library will create a cyber personal collection (pending the donor’s consent)
  • Plaque of appreciation or Certificate of appreciation
  • News included in newsletters and newspapers published by the university
  • Antique books are placed in an antique book room equipped with a thermo-hygrostat.

Person in charge of donations: Data collection team(950-4626,