Inter-Campus Loan

  • This service allows books to be loaned from the Central Library, Medical and Dental Libraries, and Sangju Campus Library.

User Instructions

  • Eligibility : Undergraduate, graduate, professor(Service unavailable for general members and alumni)
  • Publications available for loan requests : Books available for loans (materials unavailable at the user’s home library branch; excluding books in permanent storage archives and the storage material room)
  • Max. no. of loaned books : Max. three books per person
  • period : Same as the regular period
  • Processing period : Central Library-Medical/dental branch : Within three days from the request date
    Daegu Campus-Sangju Campus : Within one week from the request date
  • Check-out : Pick up within three days of arrival at the user's home library branch
    ※SMS or phone notification upon arrival
  • Return : User’s home library branch

How to Apply

  • Log on to the library website > Library Catalog > Detailed search results > (Inter-campus loans)click the button
  • ※Service available if the user’s home library branch does not own the requested material but is available for loan at another library branch
  • ※Contact : Central Library Loan desk : 053-950-4673 / Medical branch : 053-950-6530 / Dental branch : 053-660-6914 / Sangju Campus : 054-530-1623


  • The request will be cancelled if
    • 1. The same book is owned by the user’s home library branch
    • 2. User has overdue books or is subject to other penalties
  • Materials may be excluded from the service if they are an only copy or rare copy
  • If borrowed materials are lost or damaged, the user must reimburse the library in accordance with library regulations