Seat / Facilities

Instructions Seat usage status

  • Authenticate a the library entrance
    • After booking a seat, arrive at the library and confirm the seat assignment within 15 minutes.
  • How to reservation: ‘KNU Library’App or KIOSK
    • KIOSK location: Main Building 1F, New Wing 1F, New Wing 3F
  • Cannot use seats while simultaneously using other facilities
  • Be sure to return a seat after use it. Otherwise, you can get 1-day penalty!

Location and Available time

Location and Available time
Location Available hours Outing time Reservation
New Wing B1, 2-4F
(for studying)
  • Ordinary : 6h
    *2 times extension, (Total18h)
  • Midterm/Final exam : 4h
    * 4 times extension, (Total 20h)
120min ‘KNU Library’App or KIOSK
1F S-Lounge
(for smart devices)
*1 time extension available(Total 4h)
Main Building
Carrel A, B
(for studying)
*1 time extension available(Total 4h)
Information Retrieval Zone 1~7
Laptop Zone A, B
※ Local Members are limited to the reading rooms, and all other seats are available
  • Reading room: only available 4th floor. Not available during midterm and final exam

How to Reservation

'KNU Library’ App
  • 01

    Confirm your seat at a KIOSK

  • 02

    Recognize your student ID card

  • 03

    Select seat and assign seat

  • 04

    Confirm and use the seat


  • If you fail to return your seat, you cannot use a seat for one day.
    • Not returned seat
    • Not extended time
    • Over outing time(Based on gate passage)
    • New wing: Reading Room 2hours, S-Lounge 1h
    • Main building: CRETEC Zone 30min.
  • Reservation: 053-950-4704(Main building 1F U-Lounge)
  • Facility: 053-950-4613(Main building 5F Administrative Support Team)
  • Etc: 053-950-6526(Library Student Committee)