Library development fund

Our library has served as a pillar to support university education and research, as well as to serve the community.
In order to become an institution that serves the local community and develops talented future leaders, continued interest and investment is required.
Please donate to help the Kyungpook National University Library and our local community grow and develop. To honor our donors, we promise to use the donations carefully for the purposes of growing the library.

Moreover, if you donate to the library development fund (min. KRW 5 million), we will provide special library services (e.g. borrowing materials and using seats in the reading room of the new wing), and we will provide a plaque with the donor's name inside the library.
With these plaques, we plan on honoring the good deeds of each and every donor.

How to make a gift to the library development fund

Online Donation

Pursuant to Articles 15 and 24 of the Personal Information Protection Act, the Kyungpook National University Development Fund requires a contract that allows the university and library to use your personal information. Enter the library as the target (purpose and institution) of the contract (donation).

Fax, Text, E-mail, Post

  • You can download and fill out your contract, then send it by fax, text, e-mail, or post. Enter the library as the target (purpose and institution) of the contract (donation).
  • Fax : (053) 950-6099
  • Text : 1800-3476 (Fill out the contract > Take a photo of the written contract > Send the photo via text message)
  • E-mail :
  • Post : Kyungpook National University Global Plaza #606, 80 Daehakro, Bukgu, Daegu, 41566 Korea
For inquiries about the library development fund and plaques, please contact the Planning and Public Relations Team. (053-950-4662~4)