• The period can be extended based on the request date for an extension (can be extended from seven days before the expected return date).
  • Extend period from the “Library homepage > My Library” menu or “Library app > My Library” menu
  • Each book can be extended up to two times
  • The period of reserved materials cannot be extended
  • Loans for books in the bestseller section cannot be extended

Penalties against overdue books

  • You shall be suspended from borrowing books/resources for a period equal to the number of overdue days per book.
  • Overdue books x number of overdue days x 10 minutes of labor service

Loss and Damage

  • If library materials are lost or damaged, the library must be compensated with the same materials.
  • If the same material cannot be obtained, a book with more pages among the latest materials on a similar subject (the year of publication is more recent than the lost book) shall be used for compensation.

Penalties against unauthorized data leakage

※ If library facilities are damaged, destroyed or resources are stolen, taken out without permission, torn or spoiled, the following penalties may apply.
  • Compensation worth twice the market value of the subject facility/resource (includes all negligent and intentional actions)
  • Ban from loaning library materials for one year, submission of an official statement, notification to the dean of the department/parents or legal guardian of the student, announcement on the library’s bulletin board
  • Contact : Central Library 1F Loan desk (053-950-4672~4676)
  • Sangju campus Library 1F Information desk(054-530-1623)