User Guide

Inter-Library Loan service

  • The Inter-Library Loan service is provided upon a loan request to other domestic and foreign partner libraries for books that are not currently available at our library.
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    Inter-Library Loan request

  • librarian

    Request received/processed

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    Material arrived(SMS/e-mail notification)

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    Pick-up at the library (pay service fee)

Eligible Users

  • Faculty members and current students enrolled at our university (undergraduate and graduate)

Available Materials

  • Books currently not owned by our university library that can be borrowed from other affiliated organizations in Korea.

Materials Unavailable for Request

  • Materials available at our university library's collection
  • Materials other than books (academic journals, dissertations)
  • Materials that cannot be borrowed according to rules at the providing library

Loan Regulation

  • Users can request up to three books for a period of 14 days
  • Users can extend the period once for up to seven days
  • The late fee is KRW 500 per day, applicable to at least three days before the expected return date
  • If a user loses or damages loaned materials, he/she must compensate the library in accordance with relevant rules/regulations

How to Request

  • Use the "Search Collection" function to check whether the university's library currently owns a particular material before requesting the service.
Homepage application Inter-library loan request
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    Library homepage login

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    Using Books

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    Inter-library loan

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    Search request

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    Data search and selection

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    Enter other information

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※ If you cannot find a desired material at our library, click the “Request” tab to request a material
Submit Application
  • Fill out the attached request form and submit via e-mail or in-person at the U-Lounge (1F)
  • E-mail :
    Download application

Fees and Required Time

  • The service fee is as follows, and the library shall subsidize service fees for members of our university
  • Round-trip delivery fee : 5,000 won
  • Required days : 2~3 days

Collect requested material

  • The library will notify the user when the requested material arrives
  • Upon receiving this notification, Central Library users can pick up the requested material at the U-Lounge (1F)
  • Central Library: Inter-library loan officer (Choi Shinae: 950-4714,
  • Medical Branch: Inter-library loan officer (Seo Young-hee: 950-6530,
  • Dental Branch: Inter-library loan officer (Bae Young-hwal: 660-6914,
  • Sangju branch: Inter-library loan officer (Jaegu Lee: 054-530-1622,