Contacts by Service

서비스별 연락처
Classify Service name Contact(053-950-*) E-mail
Library access & Loan/Return Loan/Return 4672
Library membership / Login inquiry 4674
Inter-campus loans 4673
Access to materials at other organizations 4714
Other Disabled services 4676
Library facility / Education User training and facility reservation 4704
Library tour 4663
Locker requests and user inquiries 6526 student council cafe
Materials purchase / subscription / donation E-BOOK 4622
Purchasing domestic materials 4623
Access to overseas academic DBs 4624
Purchasing overseas materials and access to domestic academic DBs 4625
Donating materials and department/research fund books 4626
Dissertation Dissertation submission / library access 4715
Library Service Inquiries Homepage(Off-campus access, mobile user ID, etc.) 4653
Accessing wireless LAN connection
and using laptops
4000 Informatization center help desk
Library Branch Service Medical branch 6530
Dental department 053)660-6914
Branch of law 4725
Sang Ju Campus 054)530-1611