Liaison Services

The library assigns a staff member to each professor to streamline inquiries to the library, and it offers user-friendly services dedicated to each department at the university.

* Members can contact the librarian assigned to each department to access the services they need.
College Department Librarian Tel (053-950-*) e-mail
College of IT Engineering Electrical Engineering Jeong Mi-kyung 4712
Electronics Engineering Choi Si-nae 4713
Computer Science & Engineering Jeon Kyung-mi 4716
School of Covergence Covergence Jeon Kyung-mi 4716
College of Nursing Nursing Kim Hyun-kyung 6530
College of Economics and
Business Administration
Business Administration Jang Seon-ju 4723
Economics & Trade Lim Ki-young 4698
College of Engineering Architecture Kim Chul-woo 4626
Polymer Science and Engineering Kim Chul-woo 4626
Mechanical Engineering Hwang Dong-jun 4713
Textile System Engineering Park Chan-sik 4622
New Materials Engineering Park Chan-sik 4622
Energy Engineering Park Myung-hwan 4616
Chemical Engineering,
Applied Chemistry
Park Myung-hwan 4616
Civil Engineering Hwang Dong-jun 4674
Environmental Engineering Kim Jeong-yun 4663
College of Science and Technology Disaster Prevention and Environmetal Engineering Lee Yeong-su 054-530-1621
Nano & Materials Science and Engineering Lee Yeong-su 054-530-1621
Textile & Fashion Design Lee Yeong-su 054-530-1621
Computer Software Lee Yeong-su 054-530-1621
Food and Food-Service Industry Jung Chang-mok 054-530-1622
Convergence & Fusion System Engineering Jung Chang-mok 054-530-1622
Automotive Engineering Jung Chang-mok 054-530-1622
Precision Mechanical Engineering Jung Chang-mok 054-530-1622
Dental Hygienics Jung Chang-mok 054-530-1622
College of Agriculture
& Life Sciences
Farm Management Kim Eok-gi 4624
Food and Resource Economics Kim Eok-gi 4624
Agricultural Civil &
Bio-industrial Machinery Engineering
Kim Eun-ji 4637
Bio-fibers and Materials Science Lim Ki-young 4698
Forest Science∙Landscape Kim Tae-jun 4715
Applied Life Science Lee Seung-a 4625
Food Science Byeon Mi-seon 4614
Horticultural Science Byeon Mi-seon 4614
Law School Law Kim Hyun-jeong 4725
Teachers College Home Economics Education Kim Yeong-soo 4692
Education Kim Yeong-soo 4692
Korean Language
and Literature Education
Kwon Hee-jeong 4633
Social Studies Education Lee Ju-hee 4673
History Education Yu Ha-neul 4697
Geography Education Yu Ha-neul 4697
Mathematics Education Kim Dong-hun 4693
Physics Education Yoon Hyun-tak 4676
Chemistry Education Yoon Hyun-tak 4676
Biology Education Jo Hee-seong 4613
English Education Kwon Hee-jeong 4633
European Language Education Seo Hyo-jeong 4626
Ethics Education Lee Ju-hee 4673
Earth Science Education Jo Hee-seong 4613
Physical Education Seo Hyo-jeong 4626
College of Social Sciences Library and Information Science Jin Yoo-ra 4639
Social Welfare Jin Yoo-ra 4639
Sociology Kim Yeong-sik 4664
Media and Communication Lee Nam-suk 4672
Psychology Lee Nam-suk 4672
Political Science and Diplomacy Kim Yeong-sik 4664
Geography Kim Hye-kyung 4623
College of Ecology &
Environmental Science
Leisure Sports Lee Jae-gu 054-530-1611
and wild Animal Science
Lee Jae-gu 054-530-1611
Tourism, Entomology Lee Jae-gu 054-530-1611
Ecology & Environmental System Lee Jae-gu 054-530-1611
Animal Biotechnology Lee Jae-gu 054-530-1611
Animal Science Lee Jae-gu 054-530-1611
College of Human Ecology Food Science and Nutrition Kim Eun-ji 4637
Child Studies Kim Eun-ji 4637
Clothing and Textiles Kim Mi-hye 4662
College of Veterinary Veterinary Medicine Seo Hyo-jeong 4626
College of Phamacy Pharmacy Kim Hyun-kyung 6530
College of Music and Arts Korean Traditional Music Kim Mi-hye 4662
Design Yoon Hyun-tak 4676
Fine Arts Kim So-Yeong 4696
Music Kim Mi-hye 4662
College of Medicine Medicine Heo Hee-jin 6530
College of Humanities Archaeology Anthropology Jang Seon-ju 4723
Korean Language and Literature Kim Jeong-yun 4663
Russian Language and Literature Kim Jeong-yun 4663
German Language and Literature Hwang Myung-suk 4656
French Language and Literature Hwang Myung-suk 4656
History Byeon Yeo-seon 4632
English Language and Literature Kim So-yeong 4696
Japanese Language and Literature Kim So-yeong 4696
Chinese Language and Literature Kang Bo-ra 4704
Philosophy Park Myeong-hwan 4616
Korea Literature in Classical Chinese Jin Yu-ra 4639
College of Natural Sciences Physics Choi Jung-hee 4634
Life Science Choi Jung-hee 4634
Mathematics Kim Dong-hun 4693
Earth System Science Kang Bo-ra 4704
Statistics Byeon Yeo-seon 4632
Chemistry Kim Hye-kyung 4623
College of Dentistry Dentistry Bae yeong-hwal 053-660-6914
School of Public Administration Public Administration Kim Hyun-jeong 4725