Course Work Completed Graduate

This service allows graduate school alumni to access the library, use the library’s resources (including its databases), and borrow books the same way as enrolled students.

Service Guide

  • Students who have completed their graduate school program can borrow materials only during the semester in which they have paid their tuition fee.
  • Graduate alumni can access materials (no loans) and use the reading room for up to two years after graduation.
    ※ However, for those who have submitted a “Registration of Completion” form for the semester can access the library (including loans).

Available Services

Type Course Work Completed Undergraduate Course Work Completed Graduate
Course Work Completed Graduate
(within two years of completion)
Loan Loan/Reservation X 20books 30days
(2 loan extension)
Apply for requested books X O X
Archive material loan X O X
Priority processing loan X O X
Inter-campus loans X O X
Facility Reservation for reading room seats in the new wing O O O
Seat O O O
Study room X O O
Carrel X O O
U-Lounge O O O
S-Lounge O O O
Service Electronic resource use

Homepage/App login

  • ID : Student number + Student ID issuance number
  • PW : 6 digits of date of birth
  • Contact : Central Library 1F Loan desk (053-950-4674)
  • Sangju campus Library 1F Information desk(054-530-1623)