• How do I connect Wifi

  • How do I connect off-campus?

  • How do I use library mobile app

  • If the status says “processing,” when can I borrow the book/resource?

  • What does the “Priority” button available on the book/material being processed on the website and mobile app mean?

  • When does the library open and close? When can I borrow books?

  • What is the topic guide for each department?

  • When I search for materials on the web, it says “Available for loan.” But I cannot find the book/resource on the shelves.

  • Where are the materials with call numbers that start with “Gyeong,” “Baek,” or “Min”?

  • When I try to read the books in a personal collection, I can't use them because the door is often closed. When can I access materials in the personal collections?

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