Unregistered Alumni members can access the library and reading room in the new wing with their existing student ID for three years after graduation. (However, borrowing service is available only to the registered Alumni members. Go to Alumni members menu)

Book Loan

기간별 대출/반납 시간
Number of Books Period
Graduates - -
Alumni members 5 books 14 days

How to request alumni members

동문회원 신청방법
In-person (visit) Untact(online)
Request procedure Fill out and submit application form → Deposit annual membership fee Fill out and scan application form
→ Deposit annual membership fee
Required Documents 1. Membership application form (one copy)
2. Identity card
1. Membership application form scan version (one copy)
2. Identity card scan version (one copy)
3. Proof of annual membership payment: Confirmation of payment, receipt, etc. (one copy)
Request place Central Library 1F Loan desk Apply by e-mail
Request hour Weekday 09:00 ~ 17:30
(lunch time 12:00 ~ 13:00) exclusion
※weekends/holidays Closed
(Applications submitted after 17:00 shall be processed on the next business day)
※Applications submitted on weekends/holidays shall be processed on the next business day
Library membership card* Library membership card: Use KNUpia mobile student ID card
Notification of successful registration In person Notification by e-mail upon registration
(Submit before 17:00 → Confirmed after 17:30)
(Submit after 17:00 → Confirmed after 10:00 on the next business day)
*Barcode issued to alumni members who are unable to access KNUpia (requires in-person visit)
Required Documents
  • Membership application form
  • Identity card : Kyungpook National University student ID, identification card, driver's license
  • Online application: Proof of annual fee payment (one copy)
  • Deposit Account : (Daegu Bank) 505-10-201880-3 Kyungpook National University Library
  • Payment must be made in the prospective member's name

Available Services

Type Graduates
(Within three years of graduation)
Alumni members
Loan Loan/Reservation X 5books 14days
(2 loan extension)
Apply for requested books X O
Archive material loan X O
Priority processing loan X O
Inter-campus loans X X
Facility Reservation for reading room seats in the new wing O O
Seat O O
Study room X O
Carrel O O
U-Lounge O O
S-Lounge O O
Service Electronic resource use
  • Contact : Central Library 1F Loan desk (053-950-4674)
  • Sangju campus Library 1F Information desk(054-530-1623)