Chaeknarae Service

A free service that delivers library resources to the homes of disabled users who have difficulty visiting the library via the post office.

Eligible Users Visit website

  • Eligible users among the current students and faculty at Kyungpook National University
Eligible users Certificate Note
Disabled persons registered at the Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Welfare Card for Disabled Persons
  • Certificate of Disability
Persons with disabilities do not need to submit a certificate if they go through the verification process confirming their disability status when registering as a member of the National Library for the Disabled.
Persons of National Merit registered at the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs
  • Certificate of National Merit
  • Certificate of Merit for Special Duty
  • Certificate of Eligibility for Veterans' Compensation
  • Confirmation of Eligible Applicant
This service is available only when a user submits his/her certificate to the university upon applying for membership at the National Library for the Disabled (required once)
- User can submit certificates in person, by mail, or via e-mail.
Long-term care recipients registered at the National Health Insurance Corporation
  • Certificate of Long-term Care Recipient

User Instructions

  • Available materials : Books available for loan at the Central Library
  • No. of books allowed for loan : Max. five books per person at a time (within the number of books that can be borrowed by disability status)
  • period : 30 days (Including round-trip delivery time)
  • Extended use : One-time extension possible (+10 days)
  • Lost or damaged materials : If a book is lost or damaged, the user must compensate the library in accordance with Kyungpook National University’s library rules.
  • User penalties : Suspension from the Chaeknarae service for the period corresponding to the number of overdue days per book (number of overdue books X overdue days)

How to Use

  • Before applying, check availability using the "Search for collections" function at the university library
  • 01

    Confirm library membership

  • 02

    Register as a member of the Chaeknarae website

  • 03

    Acquire library staff approval

  • 04

    Request Chaeknarae service

  • 05

    Use and return materials

  • Check whether you are a member of the library.
  • Register as a member on the Chaeknarae website.
  • Library staff will approve your membership.
  • Once approved as a member, search and request materials on the Chaeknarae website.
    * Chaeknarae website - Search materials - University library comprehensive search service
  • Requested materials will be delivered to your home free of charge through the post office (courier service).
  • To return materials, request the return service on the Chaeknarae website.
  • The post office will come to your home and collect the materials.
  • Contact : The Information Service Team on the 1F, Central Library, Chaeknarae staff (Yoon Hyun-tak : 053-950-4676 /
  • Contact : Sangju campus Library 1F Information desk(054-530-1623)