This service allows students to access the library, use the library’s resources (including its databases), and borrow books.

Undergraduate/Graduate/Student on leave of Absence

Book Loan

*Loan extensions available up to two times
기간별 대출/반납 시간
Number of Books period
Undergraduate 10 books 14 days
Graduate 20 books 30 days
Student on leave of Absence 5 books 14 days

Homepage/App login

  • ID : Student number + Student ID issuance number
  • PW: 6 digits of date of birth

Available Services

이용가능 서비스
service name Contents
Loan Loan/Return/Reservation/Extension Rules related to loaning/returning/reserving/extending (loans) library resources.
Apply for Book Purchase This service allows students to request the library to purchase a particular book.
Priority Processing When a user requests [Priority Processing] for resources that is being processed, priority shall be given to the user once processing is complete.
Archives How to use the archives.
Inter-campus loans This service allows students to access books from other campuses.
Service Seating/Facility Use How to use seats and facilities available at the library.
Mobile service How to use mobile app.
User education This program teaches students how to utilize databases at the library and domestic/overseas sources.
Inter-Library Loan This service is provided upon a loan request to other domestic and foreign partner libraries for books that are not currently available at our library.
Document Delivery Service This service is provided upon request to other domestic and foreign partners for copies of materials not currently available at our library.
National & Assembly Library Online Service Users can access original texts from the National Assembly Library and the National Library of Korea.
Apply for Access to Other Libraries If the required materials are currently unavailable at our library, or if a user wants to visit other libraries in Korea or abroad as needed, he/she can print out the "Request to Access Resources at Other Libraries" on the library website and submit his/her student ID or personal ID to the visiting library for access.
Off-campus access This service allows users to access electronic materials provided by the library off-campus in the same way as accessing them on-campus.
Disabled persons service This learning support system is for students with disabilities.
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  • Contact : Central Library 1F Loan desk (053-950-4674)
  • Sangju campus Library 1F Information desk(054-530-1623)