Seat / Facilities


  • Reservation: KNU Library app or Homepage(No KIOSK)
  • Available hours: At least 30 min. – Maximum 3hours per day(No extensions available)
  • Available date: available from 5 days before the reservation date
  • How to Check in
    • Location: Main 1F, New wing 1F (Key-Lock system)
      ① Click the QR code() button at the bottom of the screen
      ② Recognize Mobile Student ID(QR code)
      If ‘조회되었습니다’ is displayed on the screen, if has been normally.
      ④ Should be done within 20 min.
      Check all users → otherwise, you cannot use it for 5 day
    • Location: Main 3F, New Wing 2-4F (App)
      ① App-[좌석/시설물예약]-[나의 시설예약]
      ② Click the ‘입실확인(Check in)’ button within 20 min.
      Check all users → otherwise, you cannot use it for 5 day
  • ※ Be sure to return a seat/facilities currently in use before using other seats/facilities (failure to return will result in penalties)
※ Students with disabilities can use the S-Lounge (no. 7 study room) without a reservation (open around-the-clock)

Facility locations & available hours

Facility locations & available hours
Location Available date Available hours Reservation
New Wing 1F-4F (S-Lounge, Study Room) Available from 5days before the reservation date At least 30 min.- Maximum 3hours per day
※ No extensions available
‘KNU Library’ App or Homepage
Main Building 1F U-Lounge
(Smart Learning Room)
(Study Room)
3F Study Lounge
(Study Room)

How to reservation

through KNU Library App
through Homepage
  • 01

    Select [Using Library] from the top menu

  • 02

    Select [Seat/Facilities Guide]

  • 03

    Click [Reservation for Facilities]
    ※Log in to library homepage

  • 04

    Complete after entering reservation information
    · Check in → go to U-Lounge desk(main 1F)


  • Check-in all users within 20 min. → otherwise, you cannot use it for 5 day
  • Reservation: 053-950-4704, 4656(Main building 1F U-Lounge)
  • Facility: 053-950-4613(Main building 5F Administrative Support Team)
  • Etc: 053-950-6526(Library Student Committee)