Research Trends

RISS SAMVisit website

  • Provides research trend analyses from the KERIS (Korea Education and Research Information Service)
  • Analyzes and provides thesis relationship diagrams, researcher relationship diagrams, and research trends based on the analysis of the usage patterns of RISS website users
  • Analyzes domestic doctoral dissertations and papers in domestic academic journals published since 2015 serviced by RISS
  • Provides research topics, universities/institutions, joint research between universities, and trends shared on SNS platforms
Analysis of research trends using RISS SAM
  • Research topics trend analysis : Provides trend analysis results in the most studied and widely used fields in recent years
  • Universities/institutions trend analysis : Offers trend analysis results for often used institutions (universities) in recent years and frequently used fields within said institution (university)
  • Joint research between universities trend analysis : Provides the results of trend analysis with universities and fields often involved in joint research in recent years
  • Trends shared on SNS platforms : Provides trend analysis results in fields that have been shared a lot through SNS platforms among RISS users

KCI Analytical Info. ServiceVisit website

  • Shares research trends based on papers registered in KCI since 2011 as a service implemented by the National Research Foundation of Korea
  • Provides research field, publisher, academic journal, keyword, search term, interests for each individual, etc. research trends
Analysis of research trends using KCI analysis and information services
  • Available by research field: Selects research fields to be presented and checks information such as the citation index, number of papers, and papers with the highest number of citations in the field
  • Available by publisher: Provides a list of institutions that have thesis registered in KCI and the number of regular thesis registered in KCI, and also confirms research trends of the particular institution
  • Available by academic journal : Verifies information on KCI-listed/candidate journals, journal influence index, and research trends at journals
  • Available by keyword : Checks information such as the number of papers per year (last ten years), papers, researchers, and cited papers for search terms (keywords) entered by users
  • Available by search term : Checks the top-20 search terms each month
  • Provides research trends and thesis recommendation services for individual interest information