Citation Information


  • To use a resource as a basis for facts that can support the theoretical background during research
  • The number of citations is a fundamental research performance indicator that can quantitatively evaluate the impact of research results (thesis/dissertation)

Citation Index Database

  • Refers to the systematic organization of the cited-citing relationship between the papers featured in the literature and the papers/dissertations
  • Enables reader to search the related literature in the research field through the cited-citing relationship in the subject field, and helps understand research trends
  • Academic journal article information and citation information in the fields of science and technology, social sciences, and humanities
  • SCIE(Science Citation Index Expanded), SSCI(Social Science Citation Index), AHCI(Arts & Humanities Citation Index)
  • Bibliographic search and citation analysis of academic information with Elsevier's citation index database for all subject areas
  • Korea Citation Index
  • System that analyzes cited-citing relationships between papers by converting domestic journal information, thesis/dissertation information (original text), and references into a database
  • Provides the original text of theses, author information, citation information, statistical information, journal information, and academic conference/society information
  • Serves as quantitative data to identify the level of each academic field and evaluate the research results of researchers
  • Provides Korean citation index
  • Korea Science Citation Index
  • Index operated by KISTI, which provides cited and citation information based on the references of papers in domestic scientific and technological journals
  • Korea Medical Citation Index
  • Provides citation information and evaluation indicators calculated by analyzing the references of articles published in domestic medical journals selected by the Korean Association of Medical Journal Editors (based on academic journal evaluations)