Available Hours

  • Weekdays : 09:00 ~ 18:00 / Saturdays : 09:00 ~ 13:00
  • Closed : Sundays/Holidays , University anniversary
  • Address : 680, Gukchaebosang-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu (41944) / Medical Branch 1F, School of Medicine , Kyungpook National University
  • Contact Information : Medical Library ☎ 053-950-6530/ 053-200-4916


  • All regulations, such as loan procedures, extensions, and handling of overdue books, are the same as those of the Central Library.


Originally established as the Medical University Library in 1952, the Medical Branch was renamed as the Medical Branch in September 1966 to offer full-scale academic support. The Medical Branch is located on the first floor of the Kyungpook National University College of Medicine building in Dongin-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu City. It has more than 85,000 domestic and foreign books, reference materials, serials, and dissertations in medicine and related fields, and provides useful materials for research and learning by professors, students, and staff at medical and nursing colleges.
  • 1952. 10.

    Opened the Medical University Library

  • 1966. 09.

    Old Medical University Library renamed and established as the Medical Branch

  • 1995. 01.

    Medical Branch separated from the hospital library

  • 1995. 08.

    Medical Branch converted to an open stack system

  • 1996. 02.

    Introduced the KUDOS system (library academic information system)

  • 2000. 04.


  • 2005. 04.

    Separated into the medical branch and dental branch

  • 2012. 03.

    Medical branch remodeling and Opened the Hangok room


의학분관 국내외 장서현황
Classification Domestic Overseas Total
Books 11,285 9,501 20,786
Reference materials 1,286 431 1,717
Serials 5,223 36,877 42,100
Dissertations 12,856 1,554 14,410
Archived materials 882 1,645 2,527
Etc. (CD, Designated data) 190 362 552
Total 31,722 50,370 82,092

Academic DB

Web DB list about medical
No. Title(DB) Subject Detail
1 ACS chemistry 51 American Chemical Society journals
2 AMA medicine 10 medical journals
3 Annual Reviews biomedical 22 journal reviews of Biomedical Science
4 BMJ medicine Access BMJ online
5 BMJ Journal Collection medicine 24 medical journals
6 CINAHLwithFullText nursing, health sciences Provides original texts from 1,054 journals in nursing and health sciences
7 Cell Press biology, medicine, agriculture 10 journals about Cell (1995-present)
8 Clinical Key medicine Access to more than 1,100 medical texts, more than 600 journals, more than 2,500 surgical videos, and Medline
9 EBSCOhost Full academic range 5,975 journals of humanities, social science and applied science
10 Endnote Thesis writing and bibliography management program Online bibliography management
11 HighWire biology, medicine, physics, social science Access to free journals provided by the Stanford University Library
12 JCR(Journal Citation Reports) Science Edition citation information DB Access to more than 5,750 journals in science and technology fields
13 JSTOR Full academic range 672 journals in all subject areas
14 Karger medicine Access to more than 100 medical journals provided by the Karger Publishing House
15 LWW medicine, nursing, health science 130 journals about medicine, nursing and health science
16 MICROMEDEX 약학 Access to drug information that is approved, marketed, and researched around the world
17 Nature natural science 14 journals published by Nature
18 Nature Asia natural science Access to Nature Highlights (Korean version), papers presented by Asian researchers
19 NEJM medicine Online access to the New England Journal of Medicine
20 OUPCoreCollection Full academic range 200 Oxford University Press journals
21 PML medicine Access to more than 3,30 original texts and indexed abstracts in the medical field
22 PubMed Medicine, biochemistry, biotechnology Access to free journals from the National Library of Medicine
23 RefWorks Thesis writing and bibliography management program Online bibliography management
24 RSC chemistry 38 Royal Society of Chemistry journals
25 SagePublications medicine, economy, management and social science Access to original texts from 646 journals provided by the Sage Publishing House
26 Science natural science Access to the weekly magazine Science published by AAAS (1880~present)
27 ScienceDirect Full academic range Access to original texts of 2,081 types of journals (1995~present) before publication by Elsevier Publishing House
28 SciFinder natural science Provides previous literature and patent information in all fields of science
29 Scopus citation information DB Access to the world's largest abstract citation database provided by Elsevier
Access to more than 21,000 peer-reviewed journals in science, technology, medicine, and social sciences, and provides the latest academic literature information and citation analysis
30 SpringerArchive natural science, engineering, economics, field of law Access to original texts from 1,614 journals(~2014) provided by the SpringerArchive
31 Taylor & Francis Full academic range 1,413 Taylor & Francis journals
32 UpToDate medicine Access to evidence-based medicine(EBM) specialized information service
33 Web of Science citation information DB SCI(Science Citation Index), SSCI(Social Science Citation Index), AHCI(Arts & Humanities Citation Index)
34 Wiley Online Library Full academic range Access to original texts from 1,206 journals provided by the Wiley Online Library