Research Guides

Introduces and supports the use of various academic information for each major.

단과대학별 학과 주제가이드 안내
College Department
College of IT Engineering Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering
College of Nursing Nursing
College of Economics and Business Administration Business Administration, Economics & Trade
College of Engineering Architecture, Polymer Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Textile System Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Energy Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering
Science and Technology Disaster Prevention and Environmental Engineering, Nano & Materials Science and Engineering, Fashion Design, Software, Food and Food-service Industry, convergence & Fusion System Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Precision Mechanical Engineering, Dental Hygiene
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Farm Management, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Civil Engineering, Bio-industrial Machinery Engineering, Bio-fibers and Materials Science, Forest Science∙Landscape Architecture(Wood & Paper Science), Forest Science∙Landscape Architecture(Forestry), Forest Science∙Landscape Architecture(Landscape Architecture), Food Science and Biotechnology, Horticultural Science, Life application Science
Lawschool Lawschool
Teachers College Home Economics Education, Education, Korean Language and Literature Education, Social Studies Education, Mathematics Education, English Education, European Language Education, Ethics Education, Physical Education, History Education, Geography Education, Physics Education, Chemistry Education, Biology Education
College of Social Sciences Library Information Science, Faculty of Social Welfare, Sociology, Journalism and Mass Communication, Psychology, Political Science and Diplomacy, Geography
College of Ecology & Environmental Science Leisure Sports, Horse/Companion and wild Animal Science, Ecological Environment Sightseeing, Ecology & Environmental System, Animal Biotechnology, Animal Science
College of Life Sciences Food Science and Nutrition, Child Studies, Clothing and Texiles
School of Venterinary Veterinary
College of Phamacy Pharmaceutical Sciences
College of Music and Arts Korean Traditional Music, Fine Arts, Design, Music
School of Medicine Medicine
College of Humanities Archaeology Anthropology, Korean Language and Literature, Russian, German Language and Literature, French Language and Literature, History, English Language and Literature, Japanese Language and Literature, Chinese Language and Literature, Philosophy, Korea Literature in Chinese Characters
College of Natural Sciences Physics, Biological Sciences, Mathematics, Earth Systems Science(Geology), Earth Systems Science(Astronomy and Atmospheric), Earth Systems Science(Oceanography), Statistics, Chemistry
School of Dentistry Dentistry
School of Public Administration Public Administration