Check-out Procedures and Policies

  • Books can be checked-out using the automated check-out machine or check-out counter on the 1st floor of the Central library.
  • A valid KNU staff ID or student ID is required when checking-out books.
  • Non-KNU personnel can register for a check-out card at the check-out counter located on the 1st floor of the Central library.
  • A user may not check-out two or more copies of the same book(i.e. identical book title, author, publisher, edition, and volume number).

Check-out periods

  • This can be checked as follows : Library Website > My Library > Check-out/Reserve status lookup.
  • The check-out period can be extended up to two (2) times, unless the book or material has a check-out reservation.
  • There is no extension for reserved materials.

Check-out limits and lending periods

Status Book Period
Undergraduate student 10 14
Graduate student (Master, Ph.D.) 20 30
Professor (Full, Assistant, Associate, F/T lecturer) 50 180
Honorary Professor 30 90
P/T Lecturer 50 180
F/T Researcher, Affiliated Faculty 20 30
Administrative staff 5 14
KNU alumni who apply for check-out privileges 5 14
KNU students on leave of absence 5 14
Local member (Elite) 5 14
Local member (Regular) 10 30

Library Hours

classify Monday - Friday Saturday
During Semester 09:00 - 21:00 09:00 - 17:00
During Vacation 09:00 - 18:00 09:00 - 17:00
* Automated book-return machine can be used after hours.

Return Policies

  • Books or materials must be returned before the due date and checked at the return desk or automated book-return machine. On holidays and after hours, books or materials can only be returned using the automated book-return machine.
  • In the case of any leave of absence, all books and materials be must returned to the library.
  • Graduating students must return all their checked-out books no later than two (2) weeks prior to their graduation date.
  • If a user registers their email address and cell phone number in the customized services (My Library), approaching due dates will be notified to the user.

Penalties for late returns

  • Further borrowing will be restricted based on the number of late days .
  • Number of late books x late days x 10 minutes of community service.

Lost or Damaged

  • For lost or damaged books and materials, the user will be responsible to cover the full cost of replacement.
  • If the same books or materials are not available, the user will be responsible to cover the full cost of a similar book or material.
* The user will also be responsible to cover any shipping costs involved with replacing the lost or damaged books or materials.

Penalties for on-site damage of library materials

If any library books or materials are damaged or destroyed on library property 2016-12-20(by mistake or deliberately) or taken out of the library without authorization, the responsible party will be liable to the following penalties :
  • Fine of twice the market value of the damaged book or material.
  • One-year restriction on borrowing library materials, plus notification of the relevant Department Chair and other penalties in accordance with University Code, Article 65.
Contact Information: Central Library 1F Checkout and Return Team ☎ 053-950-4672~4676