Guidelines on Using Electronic Data Room PC

Must check list

  • Turn on the smartphone bluetooth function
  • Turn on beacon alert on library app (must check for seating allocation confirmation)
  • Log-in on the library app: library homepage ID/PW
  • Always turn on the location service on library app for those who use iOS platform
  • Must enter the reading room and confirm allocation within 15 minutes after temporary allocation
  • Allocation confirmation tool: Library app beacon authorization or KIOSK authorization
  • (when using KIOSK) mobile student ID card or card student (authorization card) needed
  • (when using KIOSK) KIOSK location: Electronic data room on the 1stfloorofformerbuildinglibrary
  • Data/ contents on PC to be automatically deleted after the using time expires
  • Not allowed to use other facilities like reading room seats or studyroom at the same time

Guidelines on Using Electronic Materials Room

Using PC via KNU library app

  • Install
    and open
    library app
  • Seating/
  • Select electronic Materials room/ General Information Reference Room
  • Select PC
    seats and get temporary
  • Confirm
  • Log in
    to PC screen
    and start

Using reading room seats via KIOSK

  • Check
    PC seats
    via KIOSK
  • Confirm student
    ID card
  • Select
    PC seat
    and get seats
  • Check PC seat and
    log in at the PC screen
    to start using

Extend and return PC seats

  1. Open library app(Login)
  2. Select seating/ facility reservation menu
  3. Select “my current status”
  4. Check the recently selected seat and click on either “extend” or “return” button
※ (when using KIOSK) Certify student card (authorization) at KIOSK and click on either “extend” or “return” button

Regulations on using Electronic Materials room / General Information Reference Room

PC seat allocation tool per user type

PC seat allocation tool per user type
user certification tool issuance
Enrolled students KNU Library app
mobile student ID card KNUPIA app installation
student ID manual
(less than 3 years)
student card Use the student ID card that had been issued
(more than 3 years)
authorization card (with bar code) Issued after paying annual membership
fee at the library
apply as an alumni member apply as a general member
Local residents
(general citizens)

Information on using time mand extension

Information on using time mand extension
using time extension limit Available time for extending the using hours Maximum using time
2 hours 2 hours / once from 10 minutes before expiration 4 hours


  • Contact Information: Central Library 1F Electronic Materials Room ☎ 053-950-4656