How to apply

  • Eligibility : for students on a leave of absence
  • Required document : Student ID.
  • Application must be made to Check-out counter, 1F of Library.

Processing period

  • Apply before 12:00 : access allowed from 17:00 on the same day.
  • Apply after 12:00 : access allowed from 10:00 on the next day.

User guide

  • Scope of service: access to all library facilities and check-out of library materials.
  • Service lasts until expected re-enrollment.
  • Borrowing limit: up to 5 books.
  • Check-out period: up to 14 days (renewable twice).


For issues such as late return, check-out suspension period, lost book reimbursement, and unauthorized check-out of library materials, Kyungpook National University Library Regulations and Operation Rules will apply.

Effective on

Effective on June 1, 2011.
Contact Information: Central Library 1F Checkout and Return Team ☎ 053-950-4672~4676