For the materials/journals purchased by KNU Library, a user can acquire a copy through domestic or international partner organizations.

How to Apply

Library homepage

Apply online via library homepage



Register at KERIS and get authentication by phone or visit, and then apply (with identification).

Visit website

Required time, fees, and payment

On receiving notification of the arrival of the requested materials, the applicant should visit the service section (U-Lounge on 1F, Central Library, Medical Branch Library, or Dental Branch Library) to pay costs and receive the materials.


Classify Method Charge Period
Different rates apply
for text copying
(for domestic materials)
Electronic delivery 100 won per page 1~2 days
Ordinary mail 1,000won (postage) + 40~70 won per page 3~6 days
Next-day express 3,000won (postage)+ 40~70 won per page 2~3 days
Delivery 2,500won(postage)+ 40~70 won 2~3days
Inter-library loans
(for borrowing books)
Delivery 5,000won (loan period: 2 weeks) 2~3 days


Classify Charge Period
E-DDS Journal article, Book chapter 8,000~47,000 won 2~15 days
PQDT 44,600 won 3~15 days
Theses(except PQDT) 139,000~143,000 won 15~30 days
NII(Japan) postage+copy charge(average ¥35~¥60 per page) 10~20 days
CALIS(China) basic rate 10元 + 2元 per page 10~20 days


  • Once materials are requested, the entered details cannot be modified
  • If materials on inter-library loan are lost or damaged, the user is responsible to cover all costs related to replacing the lost or damaged items in accordance with the library regulations.
  • Materials on inter-library loan must be returned within 2 weeks.
Contact Information: Central Library 1F U-Lounge ☎ 053-950-4714