If a particular book or material is already checked-out, a check-out reservation can be made to borrow the book or material as soon as it is returned to the library

Number of book reservations

  • Up to two (2) books can be reserved per person
  • A book can have up to 10 reservations.

How to reserve a Book

  • Library
  • Log
  • Book
  • Search result
  • 'Reserve Book'
  • Check-out reservations only apply to books in the general stacks.
  • There should be no copies of the specific book available for checkout.

Reserve information look-up

  • My Library > Checkout/Reserve Status Lookup
  • My Library > Notification of availability is issued by email or text message.

Check-out of reserved books

  • Upon issuing a notification of availability, the reserved book will be held for pick-up at the check-out counter for 3 days (including the day of notification).
  • In the case of the Central Library, Medical School library and Law School Library, Saturdays are included in the 3-day holding period.
  • If the reserved book is not checked-out within 3 days, another notification of availability is issued to the next person in line or the book is returned to the general stacks.

Reservation restrictions

  • If the user has late books or is restricted from borrowing books.
  • If a user fails to pick-up a reserved book, their borrowing privileges will restricted for 30 days.
  • No further reservations are allowed if a book already has 10 reservations.
  • If one or more copies of the wanted book may be checked out at the moment.
  • A user can not reserve a book that they have already checked-out.


  • Users must check their reservations frequently to avoid missing a recalled book.
  • There is no extension on the check-out period for a book with a check-out reservation.
  • If a user fails to pick-up a reserved book, their borrowing privileges will restricted for 30 days and they must cancel all other check-out reservations.
  • The scheduled return date on the search screen is the due date for the current user and may not be the day when the book is actually returned to the library.
  • Check-out reservations are not specific to individual copies of a particular book.
    * For example, if 232 and 237 are different copies of the same book, a check-out reservation will apply to whichever book is returned first.
Contact Information: Central Library 1F Checkout and Return Team ☎ 053-950-4672~4676