A KNU faculty member or student can request the library to purchase certain books or materials. The final decision will be made in accordance with KNU’s library material selection criteria and budgetary considerations.

User Guide and Procedure


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  • Request a
  • 1.Information: book title, author publisher, and date of publication.
    2.Search book information and request its purchase: book information search.

Check status of requested book

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  • Request a purchase
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  • In the case of foreign books, the applicant will be notified by email when the books have arrived and been processed. (My Library → Applicant must register their email in Modify Personal Information.)
  • Requested books are placed in the New Arrivals section of the Reference Room for 3 weeks to 1 month.
  • Requests usually take 3 to 5 weeks for domestic books and 1 to 2 months for foreign books, depending on the publication. For special requests, information should be included in the notes.

Terminology related to book purchase

Terminology Explanation
Selected library materials Materials whose purchase has been approved.
Selection cancelled Cancellation of purchase due to reasons of redundancy, purchase in progress, out of print, sold out, out of budget, or unclear bibliographic information.
Selection cancelled
Target material is already in the library.
Selection cancelled
(purchase in progress)
Materials have already been ordered or acquired (checked, registered, or classified) and will soon be available to library users.
Selection cancelled
(out of print)
Materials no longer printed by their publisher.
Selection cancelled
(out of sales)
Published books are sold out and cannot be purchased.
Selection cancelled
(unclear bibliographic information)
Submitted information (book title, author, publisher etc.) are incorrect.
Selection cancelled
(out of budget)
When the book purchase budget for a specific department has already been spent.
Order cancelled Requested book was ordered, but order was cancelled citing out of print, sold out, etc.
Classification completed Requested book is now in the library and is available to use with its incorporation into the database completed.