Turn-it-in: program designed to prevent plagiarism in theses or papers based on determining a quantified level of similarity between a submitted paper and existing theses; the search covers 11.5 billion web pages and over 25 million academic journals globally.


  1. Most widely used plagiarism prevention service.
  2. Various search resources, including web pages, theses, papers, books, and materials from academic societies and publishers.
  3. Direct comparison of sources: compares sources and object on same screen.
  4. Various modes of submission: HWP, Text PDF, DOC, HTML, TXT, Word Perfect.
  5. Quantitative display: ratio match shown in percentile compared with object.
  6. Unlimited upload and unlimited access.
  7. Time for comparing one thesis: 3 to 10 minutes (according to length of thesis)

User Guide

  • Log-in to homepage of Turnitin.
  • Join membership top right (for
    institution ID and PW, see below)
  • Submit paper to be checked for
  • Student authority: all users sign up with student authority.
  • User joins Open Class Room where user can check for plagiarism in a paper, and then enter the user’s ID and PW.