Based on an extensive book donation campaign targeting faculty (with active participation from honorary and retired faculty), alumni, students, institutions, and the general public, the Library has secured a great variety of precious materials, including old books, regional documents, and general and specialty books. Donations are always welcome.

Types of Donated Materials

Old books, regional documents (including budget statements, short-term and long-term development plans, and parliamentary documents), books, periodicals (including newspapers), references (including albums and instructional materials), pamphlets, materials related to schools and faculty (including materials on events, photos, and actual materials), and audiovisual materials.

Donor Privileges

  • Donor name marked on donated materials
  • Creation of a cyber private library when the donation includes over 100 precious or old books, or over 1,000 regular books listed in the Library catalogue.
  • Conferment of appreciation plaque or certificate.
  • Announcement in newsletter or newspaper published by KNU.
  • Old books are stored in old books room with isothermal-isohumidity control.