Specific library employees are designated to serve particular university departments, thereby providing a direct link and specialized services.


  • Providing direct and specialized services related to book check-out and return, purchase of materials, inter-library loans, and text copying.
  • Maintaining regular communication with departments as regards receiving requests related to purchase of library materials and other issues.
  • Providing guidance on the purchase and use of class materials.

Current List of specialist library employees assigned to specific departments

* You can contact Librarian Dedicated to Departments for the service.
College Department Librarian Tel e-mail
Department of Administrative science Administrative science Jeong Im-tak 950-4622 itjoung@knu.ac.kr
College of Agriculture Sciences Agricultural & Economics Byeon Yeo-seon 950-4712 ysbyeon@knu.ac.kr
Forest Engineering (Forestry)
Forest Engineering (Landscape)
Forest Engineering (Treei)
Bachelor of Agribusiness Lee Gyeong-hee 950-4697 khlee@knu.ac.kr
Bioindustrial Engineering (Agricultural Civil Engineering ) Park Su-yeon 950-4665 pich0205@knu.ac.kr
Bioindustrial Engineering (Bioindustrial Machine)
Biotextile Materials Lee Seung-a 950-4614 salee02@knu.ac.kr
Food Engineering Byeon Mi-seon 950-4714 msbyeon@knu.ac.kr
Horticultural Science
Life application Science Kim Eok-gi 950-4613 oasis4747@knu.ac.kr
College of Arts Art Park Sun-i 950-4738 parksy@knu.ac.kr
Visual Information Design
Korean Classical Music Park Seong-hee 950-4704 blackpig29@knu.ac.kr
College of Dentistry Dentistry Kwon hee-jeong 660-6914 hjkwon@knu.ac.kr
College of Ecological Environment Ecological Environment Sightseeing Kim yeon-sun 054-530-1611 kimys8@knu.ac.kr
Leisure Sports
Zootechnical science
Ecological Environment System Hong Seong-hwa 054-530-1623 shwa1540@knu.ac.kr
Special Animal
College of Economics & Business Administration Economics & Trade Kim Young-sik 950-4663 youngsik@knu.ac.kr
Business Administration Lee Jae-gu 950-4664 aedam@knu.ac.kr
College of Education Education Seo Yeong-hee 950-4694 yhsuh@knu.ac.kr
Ethics Education
Physical Education
English Language Education Kim Yeong-su 950-4632 kimys@knu.ac.kr
Home Education
Korean Language Education
European Language Education Park Sun-i 950-4638 parksy@knu.ac.kr
Mathematics Education Kim Dong-hun 950-4625 ddhkim@knu.ac.kr
Science Education Park Yeong-hee 950-4696 yhpark@knu.ac.kr
Social Education Jeon Mi-rayeong 950-4676 rajeon@knu.ac.kr
College of Engineering Applied Chemistry Engineering
(Applied Chemistry)
Park Gap-yong 950-4713 kypark@knu.ac.kr
Applied Chemistry Engineering
(Chemical Engineering)
Polymer Engineering
Architecture Hwang Myeong-suk 950-4634 mshwang@knu.ac.kr
Civil Engineering
Energy Engineering Lim Gi-yeong 950-4673 impussiant@knu.ac.kr
Environmental Engineering Park Su-yeon 950-4665 pich0205@knu.ac.kr
Mechanical Engineering Lee Gyeong-hee 950-4697 khlee@knu.ac.kr
New Materials Engineering Park Chan-sik 950-4662 62echo@knu.ac.kr
Textile Systems Engineering
Department of Health and Human Services Health and Human Services Ahn Chang-suk 950-6530 csahn@knu.ac.kr
College of IT Engineering Electrical Engineering Kim Myeong-ae, Jeong Gyeong-mi 950-4698, 950-4716 makim@knu.ac.kr, kmjun@knu.ac.kr
Electronics Engineering
Computer Science
Law School Law Jeong Im-tak 950-4622 itjoung@knu.ac.kr
College of Liberal Arts Archaeological Anthropology Shin Dong-geun 950-4672 dgshin@knu.ac.kr
Chinese Language and Literature
English Language and Literature Jeong Mi-gyeong 950-4656 mkjeong@knu.ac.kr
French Language and Literature
German Language and Literature
History Kim Hyeon-gyeong 950-4692 hgkim@knu.ac.kr
Sino-Korean literature
Japanese Language and Literature Kim Mi-hye 950-4623 mhkim@knu.ac.kr
Korean Language and Literature
Russian Language and Literature
College of Natural Sciences Bioscience Kim Eok-gi 950-4613 oasis4747@knu.ac.kr
Chemistry Yu jeong-hee 950-4693 libryu@knu.ac.kr
Earth Systems Science (Astronomy) Kim hye-gyeong 950-4715 hkkim2002@knu.ac.kr
Earth Systems Science (geology)
Earth Systems Science (Oceanography)
Math Kim Dong-hun 950-4625 ddhkim@knu.ac.kr
College of Nursing Nursing Ahn Chang-suk 950-6530 csahn@knu.ac.kr
College of Medicine Medicine Ahn Chang-suk 950-6530 csahn@knu.ac.kr
College of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences Bae Yeong-hwal 950-4637 yhbae@knu.ac.kr
College of Science & Technology Automotive Engineering Jo Ok-soo 054-530-1622 librarian@knu.ac.kr
Construction Disaster Prevention
Nano Technology Engineering
Precision Machine Engineering
Textile Fashion Design
Dental Hygiene Choi Jeong-hee 054-530-1621 aida@knu.ac.kr
Food Service Management
Integration System Engineering
College of Social Sciences Geography Kim Hyeon-jeong 950-4624 hyunjung@knu.ac.kr
Library and Information Science
Journalism and Broadcasting Lee Nam-suk 950-4633 nslee@knu.ac.kr
Social Welfare
Political Diplomacy Lee Yeong-su 950-4674 andys324@knu.ac.kr
Veterinary College Veterinary Lim Gi-yeong 950-4698 impussiant@knu.ac.kr
College of Welfare Sciences Food and Nutrition Choi Jin-sil 950-4637 iamsiri@knu.ac.kr
Fashion Design