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BookZip (Books summary service)Visit Website

Database of book summaries, including economics & business, social sciences, and humanities.

CNC Korea Scholarship InformationVisit Website

Database of North Korean scholarships in all areas, such as language & literature, culinary arts, nature & ecology, geography, folk tradition, cultural arts, and tourism.

Compendium of historical materials on Japanese colonial policyVisit Website

Database of reports on policies during Japanese colonial rule, ideas, and structure.

Cultural treasure research reportsVisit Website

Database of research reports and historical relic research reports created by domestic cultural treasure research organizations categorized by time period, relic type, and region.

DataGuide(FnGuide) Financial informationVisit Website

Database of data on over 30,000 major companies listed or subject to external audit and information on changes in company equities based on quantified announcements related to equities.(ID: knu, P/W: knu)
DataGuide Manual(korean)

DBpia (Nurimedia)Visit Website

Database of original texts of 1,457 periodicals from 722 Korean organizations in all areas, including academic journals, academic society journals, and research institution bulletins.
List(korean) Website

Database of current issues of over 550 journals from over 400 Korean academic societies and organizations.

KISS (Full text of domestic academic societies)Visit Website

Database of latest issues of 3,500 domestically published academic periodicals from universities and academic societies.

KIS-Value (Korea’s listed company information)Visit Website

Database of financial information, including company information and stocks, required for developing business strategies and value creation activities. (ID: knu, P/W: knu) (Off-campus use not available)

KOSSDA (Korea Social Science Data Archive)Visit Website

Database of quantitative, qualitative, and bibliographic data, including investigative data and statistical data in all areas of social sciences.

Korea[A to Z](Databased on Korean studies)Visit Website

A database that provides fulltext for samguksagi, annals of the JOSEON dynasty, traditional temples, South Korea's religious, The etymology of the Korean, etc.

Korean History & Culture Research DatabaseVisit Website

Excavation report of various museums, such as National Museum of Korea.

KRPIA (Databased on Korean studies)Visit Website

Database of full text of 189 journals in 11 areas, including Korean studies (history, philosophy, literature, and culture), books, herb medicine, arts, nature, and an illustrated guide to animals and plants.

KSDC DBVisit Website

Database of opinion surveys and statistical data produced by the Korean government, and public and overseas organizations.

Kyobo ScholarVisit Website

Database of original texts of over 1,000 domestically published academic society journals supplied by the Kyobo Book Centre and New nonmun(Hakjisa).

LAWnBVisit Website

Database of Korean current and past laws, Korean precedents and laws, Japanese precedents and laws.

North Korean law databaseVisit Website

Database of North Korean laws, including constitutional and civil law, as revised since Korea’s liberation from Japanese occupation.

TS2000(Company information)Visit Website

Database of business and auditor reports submitted to the Financial Supervision Service (FSS) by listed companies, KOSDAQ-listed companies, and companies subject to external audit.

Web service on KSA standardsVisit Website

Database of information on Korean International Standards (KS: ㉿) provided by Korea Standards Association.

WEB-DB Writing MachineVisit Website

Real-time solution for correcting (evaluating) English composition, including spelling, Konglish, vocabulary, and grammar.

WIPS patent information search serviceVisit Website

Database of systematically created data on patents in Korea, the US, Japan, China, and Europe.
Contact Information: Central Library 5F Book Acquisition Team ☎ 053-950-4624