Division of Academic Information Services

Department Name Telephone
E-mail Responsibilities
Director Park Myung-nam 950-4671 kim0765@knu.ac.kr Division of Academic Information Services management
Team of
Collection Management
Social science Reference Room Kim Hyeon-gyeong 950-4692 hgkim@knu.ac.kr Team operation management, Room management
Natural science Reference Room Yu Jeong-hee 950-4679 yhpark@knu.ac.kr Room management
Humanities Reference Room Park Yeong-hee 950-4696 nslee@knu.ac.kr Room management
Language Reference Room Lee Gyeong-hee 950-4697 khlee@knu.ac.kr Room management
Old Books Room Kim Myeong-ae 950-4698 makim@knu.ac.kr Room management
Private Libraries Room Seo Yeong-hee 950-4694 yhsuh@knu.ac.kr Indivisual libraries expansion and management
Team of
Periodicals Room Byeon Yeo-seon 950-4712 ysbyeon@knu.ac.k Research Materials Team operation management, Foreing Periodicals use and management
Park Gap-yong 950-4713 kypark@knu.ac.kr Thesis, Newspapers, Repository management
Kim hye-gyeong 950-4715 hkkim2002@knu.ac.kr Domestic donated periodicals use and management
Jeon Gyeong-mi 950-4716 kmjun@knu.ac.kr Foreign Academic Journals Support Center
Team of
Information Services 1
Central Library Checkout Room Shin Dong-geun 950-4672 dgshin@knu.ac.kr Information Services management
Im Gi-yeong 950-4673 impussiant@knu.ac.kr Checkout and return, Users management
Lee Young-su 950-4674 andys324@knu.ac.kr Checkout and return
Jeon Mi-ra-yeong 950-4676 rajeon@knu.ac.kr Checkout and return
Jin Yu-ra 950-4675 swallowyr@knu.ac.kr Checkout and return
Team of
Information Services 2
Jung Mi-gyeong 950-4656 mkjeong@knu.ac.kr Room management, dcollection management
Byeon Mi-seon 950-4714 msbyeon@knu.ac.kr Inter Library Loan
Park Seong-hee 950-4704 fortune522@knu.ac.kr CRETEC Zone
Team of
Branch Libraries
Medical library Ahn Chang-suk 950-6530 csahnk@knu.ac.kr Room management/Foreign academic journals
Jang Hyun-chul 950-6530 ishykins@knu.ac.kr Room management
Dental library Kwon hee-jeong 660-6914 hjkwon@knu.ac.kr Room management
Law Branch Kim Myeong-ae 950-4623 makim@knu.ac.kr Team and Room management
Bae Yeong-hwal 950-4637 yhbae@knu.ac.kr Library materials check in and out
Jang Seon-ju 950-4724 fldud23@knu.ac.kr Legal information service