Division of Academic Information Development

Department Name Telephone
E-mail Responsibilities
Director Park Myung-nam 950-4611 kim0765@knu.ac.kr Division of Academic Information Development general management
Team of
Jeong Im-tak 950-4622 itjoung@knu.ac.kr Team operation management, donated books, and e-books
Kim Hyeon-jeong 950-4624 hyunjung@knu.ac.kr foreign web databases purchase and management
Kim Mi-hye 950-4623 mhkim@knu.ac.kr Domestic books purchase
Kim Dong-hun 950-4625 ddhkim@knu.ac.kr Foreign books purchase, Domestic web databases purchase and management
Kim Chul-Woo 950-4626 kcw0519@knu.ac.kr Books for departments or from research funding
Team of
Kim Yeong-soo 950-4632 kimys@knu.ac.kr Team operation management
Lee Nam-suk 950-4633 nslee@knu.ac.kr Classification & cataloguing
Hwang Myeong-suk 950-4634 mshwang@knu.ac.kr Classification & cataloguing
Choi Jin-sil 950-4637 iamsiri@knu.ac.kr Classification & cataloguing
Park Sun-yi 950-4638 rtyjjh@knu.ac.kr Classification & cataloguing
Sin Eun-sung 950-4639 parksy@knu.ac.kr Classification & cataloguing
Kim Seok-jung 950-4636 gcom12@knu.ac.kr Classification & cataloguing
Team of
Planning & Public
Park Chan-sik 950-4662 62echo@knu.ac.kr Team operation management
Kim Young-sik 950-4663 youngsik@knu.ac.kr Team operation management
Lee Jae-gu 950-4663 aedam@knu.ac.kr Planning and Public Relations
Park Su-Yeon 950-4663 pich0205@knu.ac.kr Planning and Public Relations
Team of Computational Processing Park Mi-sung 950-4652 mspark@knu.ac.kr Team operation management
Yi Wan 950-4654 yiwan@knu.ac.kr Computer operation
Yoon Sang-jin 950-4653 sjyoon@knu.ac.kr Computer operation
Team of
Kwon Deok-ryul 950-4612 kdr123@knu.ac.kr Team operation management, bidding, and audit
Kim Yeong-hun 950-4664 kimyh@knu.ac.kr established rule
Lee Seung-a 950-4614 salee02@knu.ac.kr Budget, account closing, and accounting
Kim Eok-gi 950-4613 oasis4747@knu.ac.kr General affairs, contract employees and public service workers
Park Myeong-hwan 950-4616 pmh2550@knu.ac.kr materials and equipment management
Baek Man-gi 950-4615 Cooling & heating maintenance
Lee Jong-won 950-4615 Facilities (machinery) management