This service allows books to be loaned from the Central Library, Medical and Dental Branch Libraries, and Sangju Campus Library.

How to use the service

  • Eligible books: all circulating books.
  • Check-out periods: same according to user status and no extensions allowed.
  • Eligible users: Professors, Lecturers, Graduate students, Administrative staff
  • Processing period: Between the Central Library and the Sangju Campus Library: within 7 days from the date of request.
  • Check-out: the user must pick-up the requested book within 3 days of its arrival at the library where the user is registered.
  • Return: to the library where the user is registered.

How to apply

  • Check the status of the book (which library and check-out status)
  • Complete an inter-campus library loan request form and submit it to the library where the user is registered.
  • Request forms can be received by email ( or in person.
  • Application hours: 09:00~18:00 on weekdays.


  • The request will be cancelled if:the library where the user is registered has the same book / the user has late books or is subject to other penalties
  • If a user fails to pick-up two (2) requested inter-campus library loans, their borrowing privileges will be restricted for 6 months.
  • Rare books are excluded from this service
  • If a book on inter-campus library loan is lost or damaged, the user will be responsible to cover all costs related to replacing the lost or damaged book according to library regulations.
  • Contact Information: Tel. 054-530-1623
  • Choi Jeong-gyu, e-Mail.