Wireless LAN Access areas

  • Old Building: 1F, 2F, 3F and 4F
  • New Building: B1F, 3F, 4F

How to Use Wireless LAN

Eligibility : The faculty, students, students on leave of absence, students who have completed courses, graduates and external users (members who paid annual fee for library membership)
  • Members, such as graduates and external users, who have paid annual fees for library membership : Present your ID at the call center on the 1F of Information & Computing Center (Tel.: 053-950-4000), fill out the application form and receive a temporary ID issued.
  • knu-smart : Using Integrated ID (student No., faculty No.) and password
  • KT_KNU_UNIV (members of Kyungpook National University only) : Integrated ID (student No., faculty No.) and name
  • LGU+Zone, U+Zone : Password : lguplus100 Information on scanner, printer and copier on each floor
  • ID/PW error : IT Services 053-950-4000
  • How to Use Wireless LAN : IT Services(uicc.knu.ac.kr)