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Off-Campus access

The service lets users use the electronic journals provided by the Library from off campus as they do on campus.

Guide to service

  • Not required with downloads or additional settings, a user can access electronic journals(e-Journal, Scholar DB) by logging in to the homepage.
  • Connection requirement : a user can use all operating systems(Windows, Mac) and browsers(Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome)

How to use the service

  1. Library website
  2. Login
  3. Visit website of electronic journals

A user, who uses electronic materials by using Google, Favorites, or directly typed URL

logs into the Library homepage and must put before the URL.

  • [Google Scholar]
  • [Favorites, or directly typed URL]
  • Contact Information(Web DB) : Central Library 5F Book Acquisition Team ☎ 053-950-4624,
    e-mail :
  • Off-Campus access error : Central Library 1F Computer Team ☎ 053-950-4654