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Visiting other libraries

- When a user wants to visit a domestic or overseas library to use materials that are not in our Library, print "visiting other libraries request sheet" from the Library homepage and submit it to other library for entrance with your KNU ID Card.

- Available ony for students, professor, and employees enrolled in our university.
   (Students on leave of absence and alumi are excluded)

How to use

  1. My Library
  2. Visiting
    other libraries
  5. PRINT
  6. VISIT
  • 1. Request : KNUL Homepage - My Library - Visiting other libraries - Request - Input the required items (ther name of University, date of visi, etc)

  • 2. Approval : Request completed -> Librarian approval -> Approval completed

  • 3. Print : Approval completed -> Print out "Request sheet" in person

  • 4. Note
  •     ①User must carry your KNU ID card with printed "Visiting other libraries request sheet"
  •     ②User must abide by the rules and regurlations of other libraries
  •     ③Other person's ID cannot be borrowed and request sheet must not be modified

  • 5. Contact Information: Central Library 3F Periodicals Room ☎ 053-950-4714
  •                        e-mail :