How to Use Data

The library materials are largely divided into Library collection and e-Resources.

  • Libary collection: Books, Periodicals, theses and multimedia materials owned by library
  • e-Resources: Data that can be used in original texts through the web, such as e-Journals, web DB, e-Books and theses

User guide for the library collection is as follows.

Books Multimedia (DVD, etc.) Periodicals, Theses
Step 1.
Search: Using keywords (title, author) Search: Using keywords (title, author) Check availability of
the original texts of e-Resources first
Check availability and location
(Library → Library Collection Room → Shelf No. → Call No.)
and find materials in the respective reference room.
Check availability and location
(mostly in Multimedia Room).
Use Materials
Present student ID or other means of ID at Circulation desk(1F) and borrow materials or loan materials directly using the auto check-out machine (1F). Present student ID or other means of ID at Multimedia Room (1F) and use the materials within the library.
When materials are not available
  • Reservation (Go) : Using the reservation service, if the materials you are looking for are already checked-out
  • Inter-campus Loan (Go) : Request delivery among Central Library, Medical/ Dental Branch Libraries and Sangju Campus Library
  • Apply Inter Library Loan(Go) : Loaning through other libraries (organizations)
  • Purchase Request (Go) : Request a purchase of items that the KNU Library does not have in its collections

User guide for the original texts of all e-Resources is as follows.

e-Journals Theses
How to use library homepage e-Resources (Summon search) The original texts of e-Resources for subscription and free supply (e-Journals, e-Books and theses) can be accessed through integrated search without using individual e-Resource homepages. The original texts of Kyungpook National University theses (after Feb. 2005) can be searched and used.
Search of e-Journals using journal title When the title of a journal that contains the searched thesis is known (e-Resources search → e-Journals)
Individual Database search When the title of DB that contains the searched thesis is known
(e-Resources → Database → Domestic/ Foreign → Respective DB)
※ Database is a collection of e-Journals and academic materials. The examples are DBPIA, ACS and APS.
  • Domestic : e-Resources search → Theses
    • Before Feb. 2005 : Kyungpook National University theses
      (on-campus use only)
    • After Feb. 2005 : Theses of universities around the country
  • Foreign : e-Resources search → Database→ Foreign → PQDT Global
Off-campus access Service access after library homepage login
How to use external organizations Using Research Information Sharing Service, KERIS (
Using National Digital Science Library (NDSL) (
National Assembly Library Designated PC in Serial Room, Central Library (3F) → National Assembly Digital Library icon on desktop screen Original texts under agreement with the respective organizations can be read and printed from designated PC.
National Library of Korea Designated PC in Serial Room, Central Library (3F → Dibrary ( icon on desktop screen
Off-campus Access Library homepage login → Click RISS, NDSL banner
(KNU user authentication if accessed through homepage)
When using original text is difficult step 1.
Check availability of printed journal
Library homepage
  • Search : Search using journal title
  • Check : Check the location (Serial Room, 3F), check call number and information
  • Data Use : Reading and copying (borrowing not available)
Homepage → My Library → Apply Document Delivery / Inter-Library Loan
Kyungpook National University Foreign Research Information Center(
step 2. Request Document Delivery Homepage → My Library → Apply Document Delivery
/ Inter-Library Loan