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Floor Guide

Central check-out counter
  • Check-out and Return
  • Check-out and return of non-book materials
Ordinary reading room
  • Open (06:00~24:00)
  • During exam periods, reading rooms 1 &2 are open 24 hours.
Electronic information room
  • Lookup of non-book materials
  • Digital contents search (Information search, e-journals, Web DBs, theses)
  • For reference only, no check-out allowed.
Foreign materials room
  • Books published in foreign countries, including Western books, Japanese books, and Chinese books.
  • Foreign books can be checked-out at the Central check-out counter on 1F.
Local materials room
  • Local historical materials, classics, statistics, and administrative materials from Sangju City.
  • For reference only, no check-out allowed.
  • Closed stacks
Reference room
  • Dictionaries, statistics, yearbooks, handbooks, and brochures of domestic and foreign universities.
  • For reference only, no check-out allowed.
  • Partial copying is allowed according to copyright law.
Periodicals room
  • Domestic and foreign journals, magazines, indexes, abstracts, degree theses, and newspaper materials.
  • For reference only, no check-out allowed.
  • Materials are bound after a certain period of separate storage.
Open reading room
  • Group viewing space is available for group learning or group discussion.
  • Available for use by local residents or resident organizations.
Domestic reference room
  • Domestic books (liberal arts, literature, history).