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Organizational chart· Responsibilities

General Director
Library Operation Commitee
Divison of
Academic Information Development
Team of
Team of
Team of
& Public Relation Team
Team of
Team of
Divison of
Academic Information Services
Sangju Campus Library
Team of
Collection Management
Team of
Team of
Information Servieces
Law Library)
General Director Kim Young-Ho E-mail :

Division of Academic Information Services

Department Name Telephone E-mail Responsibilities
Director Park Myung-nam 950-4671 Division of Academic Information Services management
Team of
Collection Management
Social science Reference Room Jeong Im-tak 950-4692 Team operation management, Room management
Yoon Hyun-tak 950-4704 New Building seat management
Natural science Reference Room Yu Jeong-hee 950-4679 Room management
Humanities Reference Room Park Yeong-hee 950-4696 Room management
Language Reference Room Lee Gyeong-hee 950-4697 Room management
General Information Reference Room Lee Nam-suk 950-4696 Room management, Operation of Reading Evaluation System
Repository Park Chan-sik 950-4703 Room management
Old Books Room Im Gi-yeong 950-4698 Room management
Private Libraries Room Seo Yeong-hee 950-4694 Indivisual libraries expansion and management
Team of
Thesis Kim Myeong-ae 950-4712 Research Materials Team operation management, Foreing Periodicals use and management
Periodicals Room Hwang Myeong-suk 950-4714 Inter Library Loan
Kim hye-gyeong 950-4715 Domestic donated periodicals use and management, neewspapers management
Jeon Gyeong-mi 950-4716 Foreign Academic Journals Support Center
Team of
Information Services
Central Library Checkout Room Shin Dong-geun 950-4672 Information Services management
Kim Young-sik 950-4673 Checkout and return, Unreturned materials management
Lee Jae-gu 950-4674 Checkout and return
Jeon Mi-ra-yeong 950-4676 Checkout and return
O You-rim 950-4675 Checkout and return
Lee Joo-hee 950-4680 Checkout and return
Electronic Materials Room Jung Mi-gyeong 950-4656 Room management, dcollection management
Team of
Branch Libraries
Medical library Ahn Chang-suk 950-6530 Room management/Foreign academic journals
Son Mi-seon 950-6530 Room management
Dental library Kwon hee-jeong 660-6914 Room management
Law Branch Jeong Im-tak 950-4723 Team and Room management
Jang Seon-ju 950-4724 Legal information service
Kim Chul-Woo 950-4725 Library materials check in and out