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Welcome to
the Kyungpook National University Library,

Since its humble opening in a wooden building of 429㎡ in 1953, the KNU Library has continued to grow into one of Korea’s leading university libraries with a collection of 3 million books in an area of 36,551㎡. The Library is currently composed of the Central Library, Sangju Campus Branch Library, Law School Branch Library, Medical School Branch Library, and Dental School Branch Library, and plays a central role in user-oriented services by providing specialized topic-specific information for academic research by faculty and students in different areas of study.

With the start of KUDOS (KNU Library Document Retrieval and Online System) in 1996, the Library provides convenient use of academic information and user-tailored services.

In addition, the Library has organized a collection of printed and electronic materials, discovery search system, Overseas Academic Journals Support Center, librarian dedicated to each departments, and expanded Electronic Academic Informational Hall. As a result, the Library has been selected as an exemplary case based in the effective provision of information through inter-library cooperation in Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do. Plus, the Library is doing its best to support the vision of KNU as ‘a Global Knowledge Leading University’ through continued cooperation with international academic information institutions.

They say that you have to visit a museum to see the past of a country, a market to see its present, and a library to see its future. Therefore, since the strength of a library represents the strength of a country, KNU library pledges to become the best academic information center contributing to the competitiveness of both KNU and this nation.
Thank you.