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No. Category Subject File Hit
27 Borrowing/Return Where can I find the professor’s research book? 325
26 Borrowing/Return I cannot make a reservation. Why? 308
25 Borrowing/Return Can I return books only during the library open hours? 301
24 Using the library Where can I have my student ID re-issued? 304
23 Borrowing/Return I have lost a checked-out book. So, I cannot return it. What do I need to do? 331
22 Borrowing/Return I received a text message that a book I reserved for has arrived. Where do I need to go? 315
21 Using the library Can a local resident use KNU Library materials and facilities? 284
20 Borrowing/Return I returned a book, but it is displayed in the system as not returned. 304
19 Borrowing/Return What happens if I return the checked-out materials late? 316
18 Using the library Where in the library can I use a scanner and a copier? 261
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