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No. Category Subject File Hit
45 Using Books Can I access domestic and foreign original DB texts from outside the campus? 247
44 Using Books How can I search and use the All e-Resources? 310
43 Using Books How can I find out which e-Journals the library is subscribing to? 303
42 Others Which documents are necessary for registration of research books and department books? 349
41 Others Where can I find a form for the professor’s research book registration? 299
40 Purchase Request Where can I request a book purchase? 336
39 Document Delivery/Inter-Library Loan/FRIC What is the Inter-Library Loan cost support service? 309
38 Document Delivery/Inter-Library Loan/FRIC How can I use Inter-Library Loan / Document Delivery for materials not available in the li.. 304
37 Document Delivery/Inter-Library Loan/FRIC Where can I find the materials from Foreign Research Information Center 299
36 Document Delivery/Inter-Library Loan/FRIC Can I access original texts of materials from National Assembly Library, National Library .. 301
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