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SubjectWhere can I request a book purchase?

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When a user, such as a faculty member or a student of KNU registered as a library member, requests a material purchase, the library purchases the material within the budget according to the KNU’s materials selection criteria.

  • Books Restricted of Purchase : Comics, romance/ fantasy/ light/ martial arts novels, books of lascivious/ lewd nature, books for toddlers/ children/ teenagers, spring-binding books, pocket books, mock tests, previous exam questions
  • Application : Library homepage -> My Library -> Request a Purchase/ Request a purchase after checking whether or not the book is available in the library through search. If not in the collection, the request for purchase can be canceled for materials in the process of selection or order placement for acquisition. For the input of a detailed bibliography, it is recommended to request purchase after searching for the book in ECIP. It takes approx. 3 – 4 weeks for the acquisition of domestic books. For foreign books, the acquisition takes 1 – 2 months with the exception of special cases, such as temporary out of stock.

For more details, please check out  [Request a Purchase] page.