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User Guide

  • On-campus access: the service can be used anywhere on-campus without an additional login (except for PCs dedicated to library search).
  • Off-campus access: Library Homepage ⇒ Sign in ⇒ accessible through connection to e-Learning homepage.
Digital culture and art lectures
videos of specialist lectures on all areas of culture and art, including literature, fine art, music, film, and architecture.
Lectures on IT certificates
lectures on data processing provided by Joongang ICS/word processor/computer assisted/OA/ACS.
Videos of BBC documentaries(VOD)
Life science documentaries provided by the BBC.
Lectures on national exam certificates
video lectures on acquiring various national exam certificates.
Mobile learning
  • video lectures on 300 subjects, including English, Japanese, and Chinese; available on smart phone.
  • Smartphone → internet → → Sign in(Library ID, PW)
Video lectures on civil service examinations
Lectures provided by Chunchugwan on administrative divisions of higher civil service examinations and other civil service examinations.
Corporate work aptitude test
contents of corporate and public corporation aptitude test provided by EduSpa.
Lectures on successful employment
employment related contents provided by Recruit and
Language lectures
in English, Japanese, and Chinese provided by YBM and Megastudy.
Nursing lectures
overseas academic VOD on nursing provided by NEVCO.
Preparation lectures for Chinese Characters Qualification Test
contents for preparing Chinese Characters Qualification Test provided by Eduzone.
Audio books
musical content designed to cultivate qualifications for employment and humanities.
Electronic engineering lectures
contents for acquiring Electronic Engineering certificate provided by Itel Korea.
Cyber learning center
video lectures in 218 subjects for acquiring language, engineering, and IT certificates.
  • Contact Information: Central Library 5F Book Acquisition Team ☎ 053-950-4624