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Foreign D/Bs

This service enables the usage of E-journal, Web DB, E-Book, VOD outside the campus just like inside the campus.

User Guide

  • On-campus access: available without an additional login from any campus location (except for PCs dedicated to library search).
  • Off-campus access: Library Homepage ⇒ Sign-in ⇒ accessible through connection to electronic materials sites (Domestic/Oversea Database).
Academic search Premier

ACM Digital Library

Database of full text 19 journals and 1,114 conference proceedings.

ACS(American Chemical Society)

Database of full text from 51 journals.

AIP (American Institute of Physics)

Provides access to full texts to articles of 10 journals published by American Institute of Physics.

AMA (American Medical Association)

Database of full text from 10 journals.

AMS (American Mathematical Society)

Database of full text from 8 journals.

APS (American Physical Society)

Database of full text from 12 journals.

AR (Annual Reviews)

Database of full text from 30 journals related to biomedicine.

ASM(American Society for Microbiology)

Full text of 17 ASM journals

AVON(Academic Video Online)

more than 50,000 video titles spanning the widest range of subject areas including anthropology, business, counseling, film, health, history, music, and more

BIR(British Institue of Rediology)

Journals published by BIR(British Institute of Radiology) Publications


Database of full text from 115 journals related to law.

Bentham Science

Database of full text from 87 journals related to biomedicine, new drugs, and pharmaceutics.


Online Journal BMJ

BMJ Journal Collection (British Medical Journal)

Database of full text from 24 journals.

Business Source Premier

Database of full text from 12,379 journals.

CINAHL with full text(Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature)

Database of full text from 1,054 journals related to nursing and health science.

CAJ (China Academic Journals) (English), CAJ (Chinese)

Database of Chinese publications, including 822 journals related to literature, history, and philosophy and 1,590 journals related to political science, economics, and law.

List(Eng)_literature,history,philosophy List(Eng)_economic,politics,law
List(Chn)_literature,history,philosophy List(Chn)_economic,politics,law
Cell Press

Database of full text from 10 journals related to biomedicine and medicine.

CHE (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Database of policies, statistics, news, and reviews related to university and high school education.


Japanase database service which can be searched with academic information of articles, Books & Journals.
Before using, an account is created from the homepage of Riss(Keris support)

CJO (Cambridge Journals Online)

Database of full text from 249 journals published by Cambridge University Press.

Clinical Key

Database of over 200 books on medicine, over 400 journals, over 2,500 surgery videos, and Medline.

De Gruyter

10 Journals published by De Gruyter

Dental Education in Video

Database of over 300 videos related to dental surgery, oral hygiene, support, and nursing.

List Manual
DNSA (Digital National Security Archive)

Database of US presidential documents related to national security.

DOSS (Dentistry & Oral Sciences Sources)

Database of full text from 221 journals on dentistry and oral hygiene.

  • Academic Search Premier: Full text of 5,975 journals related to humanities, social sciences, and applied sciences.
  • Business Source Premier: Full text of 12,379 journals related to business and economics.
List_ASP List_BSP
EEBO (Early English Books Online)

Database of full text of over 125,000 books published in English-speaking countries between 1470 and 1700.

Education Source

provides scholarly research and information as a collection of full-text education journals.


Database of full text from 167 journals from Emerald Publishing.

Emerald Specialist Collection

Subject area: Acconuting, Finance & Economics, Education, Health & Social Care, Library Studies


-Software tool for publishing and managing bibliographies, citations and references on the Windows and Macintosh desktop
   1. Click the appropriate link in the "Downloade" box below to download the version of the software you need.
   2. If prompted, log in with your KNU library ID and password.
   3. After you've logged into your KNU library account, download the version of the software you need(for Windows/PC or for Mac).

Note: If you are prompted for a product key, make sure the folder you downloaded is unzipped before running the installer.
        You can do this by right-clicking on the folder that you downloaded, then choosing "Extract All".

- If you are installing EndNote for Windows/PC, you will need to navigate to where the downloaded folder was saved to your computer
  (usually this will be your "Downloads" folder).
  Right-click on the folder and choose "Extract All". Once the files are extracted, run the EndNote installer.
  By default, the EndNote X7 software will install in your computer's Program Files, and your EndNote library and data folder will be saved in
- If you are installing EndNote for Mac, you will need to navigate to where the installer (.dmg file) was saved to your computer.
  Usually this will be your "My Downloads" folder.
  Double-click on the file to being installation.
  By default, the EndNote X7 software will be installed in your computer's Applications folder.
  Your EndNote library and data folder will be saved to My Documents.

Download for Windows/PC Download for Mac OS User Manual WEB_User Manual

Database of free journals in all areas provided by Stanford University Library.

IEEE/IEE Electronic Library(IEL)

Database of 408 journals related to electricity, electronics, and computer engineering, 13,983 conference materials, and 3,850 standards.

Inspec Direct

Database related to electricity, electronics, and physics.

IOP (Institute of Physics)

Database of full text from 102 journals.

JCR(Journal of Citation Report)
  • JCR Science Edition: Information from over 5,750 journals in science and technology.
  • JCR Social Science Edition: Information from over 1,680 journals in social sciences.
JSTOR (Journal Storage)

Database of full text from 614 journals in all areas.


Database of German law.


Database of over 50 journals in medicine from Karger Publishers.

LexisNexis Academic

Database of Anglo-American law, precedents, news, corporations, intellectual property, country, and persons.

LION (Literature Online)

Database of English literature, including over 350,000 poetic, fictional, and dramatic works, 350 journals, and critical bibliographic information, author biographies and bibliographies.

LISA (Library and Information Science Abstracts)

Database of abstracts from over 440 journals related to Library and Information Science.

LLBA (Linguistic and Language Behavior Abstracts)

Database of abstracts and bibliographies in all areas of linguistics.


Database of 130 journals related to medicine, nursing, and health science.

MasterFILE Premier

This database provides full-text magazines, reference books and primary source documents. It also includes an extensive image collection containing photos, maps and flags.


Database of bibliographies related to Mathematical Review.


Database of pharmaceutical products authorized, on sale, or being researched worldwide.

MLA International Bibliography

Database of over 4,400 journals related to language, criticism, literature, and folklore.

Nature Asia

Database of papers published by Asian researchers.

Nature, NPG Journals

Database of full text from 14 journals published by Nature.

NEJM(The New England Journal of Medicine), 1990~


Database of English-Korean translation.

OUP (Oxford University Press)

Database of full text from 200 journals published by Oxford University Press.

PAO (Periodicals Archive Online)

Database of full text from 50 journals related to literature, religion, and philosophy.

PQDT global
  • world's most comprehensive clollection of dissertations and theses from around the world
  • spanning from 1743 to the present day
  • offering full text for graduate works added since 1997, along with selected full text for works written prior to 1997
PML(ProQuest Medical Library)
  • Over 1,250 titles, with more than 1,120 medical titles in full text (selected journals are available in color) with abstracts and indexing from the well-known MEDLINE® database.
List Manual
PubMed (Trial)

Database of free journals from National Library of Medicine (NLM) in medicine, biomedicine, and bioengineering.

  • Web-based tools for bibliography management and thesis writing.
  • Before using, an account is created from the homepage of Refworks.
  • Off-campus connection possible.(Group code: rwkyungpooknatu)
RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry)

Database of full text from 38 journals.

RU(Rockefeller University Press)

3 Journals published by Rockefeller University Press


Database of full text from 517 journals related to medicine, economics & business, and social sciences.

Science / AAAS

Database of Science journal (data from 1880 to 1997 can be used through JSTOR).


Database of full text from 2,081 journals in all areas (1995 to present) from Elsevier.

SciFinder Scholar

Database of bibliographic and patent information in all areas of natural sciences.

  • Database of abstract citations provided by Elsevier.
  • Includes over 21,000 peer-reviewed journals in science, technology, medicine, and social science, and provides latest information on scholarly literature and citation analysis.
SocINDEX with FullText

SocINDEX™ with Full Text is the world's most comprehensive and highest quality sociology research database.
Before using, an account is created from the homepage of Riss(Keris support, a day 16:00~ day after 09:00)


Database of full text from 1,614 journals published by Springer.

Taylor & Francis

Database of full text from 1,431 journals from Taylor Francis Online.

TKC Law Library

Database of 21 journals on Japanese law.


Database specializing in evidence-based medicine (EBM).

The Vogue Archive

contains the entire run of Vogue magazine (US edition) from 1892 to the present day, reproduced in high-resolution color page images.

Web of Science
  • Database of citation information published by ISI, publisher specializing in academic paper evaluation and citation indexes.
  • SCI(Science Citation Index), SSCI(Social Science Citation Index), AHCI(Arts & Humanities Citation Index)
List_SCI List_SCIE List_SSCI List_AHCI

Database of precedents, laws, news, journal articles, and business information.


Database of full text from 1,206 journals published by Wiley-Blackwell.