New books Guide

No. Title Author
1 파이썬으로 배우는 데이터 과학 :파이썬의 주요 패키지부터 머신 러닝, 시각화에 이르기까지 데이터 과학의 핵심을 한 번에 Boschetti, Alberto
2 Effects of UV treatment on the carbon contamination of orthodontics microimplant surface after autoclaving and aging Tejani, Harsh
3 Clinical analysis of neck node metastasis in oral cavity cancer Sharma, Aditi
4 동양미학론 이상우
5 Illuminant Estimation via Combined Color Constancy with Multi-dynamic Weight Model Subhashdas, Shibudas Kattakkalil
6 Technological Innovations and Craft-Specialization of the Ancient Ceramic Production in Upper Thrace Valley, Southeastern Bulgaria Rositsa,
7 Low Frequency Noise in GaN-based FinFETs Vodapally, Sindhuri
8 Certificateless Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol using Biometric for IoT Environments 박진현
9 The role of hMAGEA2 on breast cancer and induced pluripotent stem cells 박송
10 High-Frequency Seismic Attenuation Characteristics and Ground Motion Prediction Equations for the Gyeongju Area in Korea 박선정
11 Study and Application of tidal microorganisms isolated from the coast of Incheon in South Korea, as bioresources 최혜진
12 Mathematical Modeling of Human Color Perception and Its Evaluation via Illumination Estimation 성정민
13 Color Image Enhancement Using Perceived Luminance Curve Mapping and Chrominance Distribution Correction 유지훈
14 Low-Power Freeze-Safe IoT Microcontroller using a Side-Channel Code Synthesis based on Power Profile Tracking 신현재
15 Genotypes of Enterocytozoon bieneusi in Animals 오재준
16 Insect communities in respect to the vegetation restoration in Mongolia Lkhagvadorj, Khureltsetseg
17 Development of Biodynamic Seated Model with Uncertain Human Parameters and Evaluation of the Ride Comfort in a Vehicle 배종진
18 西周及春秋戰國時期的動詞連用形式硏究 He, Wei
19 Implementation of an Underground Pipeline Monitoring System by MFL Signal Analysis 오복진
20 Event Related Brain Functional Connectivity Pattern with Phase Synchrony in EEG Venkateswarlu, Gonuguntla